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    Since 1989, Norwell has been providing technical wells solutions to the global oil and gas industry.


Our world leading engineering team have the in-house expertise to manage all aspects of Well Engineering and Operations from concept through to exploration, field development and decommissioning.

We are experienced working in all sectors from the UK North Sea to Russia, East & West Africa and the Indian Ocean. This includes extensive work on HPHT, ultra-deepwater, complex ERD, remote land, horizontal and development operations. In 2013 Norwell twice broke the record for the world’s deepest water depth wells. In the same year we set the performance benchmark for a remote exploration well onshore Kenya, improving on the previous record by 50%.

As Norwell offer no third party equipment or services all decisions are based on technical merit and cost efficiency. This independence is reflected in our Well Examination, Well Verification and Expert Witness work around the world.

In 1996 Norwell became the first company worldwide to achieve ISO:9001 accreditation for Well Engineering & Operations. This commitment to training, competency and standards continues to this day with our long running Energy Institute certified graduate programme and ISO:14001 accreditation for Project Management, Well Engineering, Well Examination and Well Verification. In 2018 Norwell also received ISO:45001 accreditation.

With over 500 wells managed in-house since 1989 we are able to design and manage projects with a wealth of experience and lessons learned. Project references are available from all previous clients and many have now been working alongside us for over two decades.

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Well Engineering

Our highly-skilled Engineering Department has experience designing onshore and offshore wells in locations around the world. The Norwell Engineering team are able to provide detailed insight into working in remote and challenging locations, managing technical risks and providing innovative solutions.

Norwell provide full-service well engineering support including design, analysis, optimisation and programming. In addition, the technical team at Norwell regularly provide tailored engineering advice, expert oversight and peer review services for both small and major operators.

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Project Management

Combining world-leading technical experience with a decades strong project management structure, Norwell Engineering works to support projects throughout the entire well lifecycle. With over 500 managed wells across 6 continents, we offer a unique insight into the successful project management of Oil & Gas projects.

Norwell’s project management services include field development planning, tendering and procurement support, equipment and rig mobilisation, well testing and completions, conceptual and detailed design and operational troubleshooting.

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In any decommissioning project, the well presents the greatest risk for unplanned costs and risk.  Norwell Engineering is your trusted partner for well decommissioning, anywhere in the world. We draw on our extensive expertise in delivering highly complex well management projects to guide you through every step of the process. From early field review and concept stages through to the delivery of complete field decommissioning well abandonment and facilities removal.

We have a track record of using innovative abandonment techniques and technology to provide effective solutions to the most complex well engineering challenges around the world, including on integrated decommissioning campaigns in both onshore and offshore environments.

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Well Examination & Verification

Norwell pioneered the field of Well Examination in the UK, being the first company to achieve ISO certification for Well Examination services worldwide.

Since 1996 we have written and managed the examination and verification schemes for a wide range of major UKCS and international operators.

This service has since expanded to include non-regulatory examination and wider independent verification of engineering and operational activity. This is supported by a team of dedicated Well Examiners, working alongside IOCs, regulatory bodies and governments.

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Norwell EDGE

Our dedicated e-learning company Norwell EDGE provides state-of-the-art digital training to major operators and service companies globally.

A blended approach to learning combining virtual 3D scenarios, animations, videos, graphics, and quizzes boost knowledge retention by 80% compared to traditional classroom training.

As the first company in the world to build technical eLearning around the stringent OGUK wells guidelines, Norwell EDGE is committed to raising technical standards across the industry. Courses include Well Engineering, Drilling & Completions, Well Control and Well Integrity.

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